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Your team has ambitious goals. But rather than connecting to collaborate and create value easily, personal communication styles are getting in the way. You want to help everyone gain self-awareness and work better together.

Effective teams communicate well

Using the Process Communication model, team members discover their own style of communication and how to communicate more effectively with each other. The whole team steps back to see big picture of their collective natural strengths and areas of development. Everyone gets insight into how to manage their stress more constructively. The ambitious goals you all want to reach are suddenly closer.

This short video explains how Process Communication helps build strong teams.

How it works

After an initial meeting with you to discuss your team’s challenges and the outcome you’d like to see, we’ll schedule your team’s Process Com Day. 

“If you want someone to listen, talk their language.”

Process Com Day

A one-day workshop for teams who want to communicate more fluidly so that they can enjoy working together more.
Ahead of your Process Com Day, each team member spends 45 minutes filling out the PCM questionnaire online.
  • Morning: Team session to discover the Process Communication Model.

  • Morning and early afternoon: Individual debrief sessions (60’) where each person discovers their Process Communication profile and validates their communication style, strengths and stress patterns

  • Afternoon : Second team session to map everyone’s communication styles and strengths. Together, the team clarifies key insights and future actions.

What teams say

“Our Process Com Day helped me understand myself better. Now I know more about my colleagues and what I need to do to bring out the best in each person. It made us closer as a team.”

Hélène – Product manager

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