Public Speaking

Captivate & Convince

The stakes are high.

You need to share your vision to inspire others to action, convince people on a very important topic, or make an emotional impact and connection with your audience.

You have one chance to make the right impression.

Show up strong

You want your presence to shine out and carry a powerful message.

You may be :

  • Presenting a strategic project in a high-stakes situation
  • Convincing others and getting their buy-in on a essential yet challenging topic
  • Going through an internal assessment process for promotion

I help you communicate your ideas with confidence and clarity, develop your natural speaking style and feel ready in front of challenging audiences.

What to expect

In our initial phone conversation, we’ll discuss what’s at stake for you and the outcome you’re looking for.

In our initial face-to-face meeting, we will define your objectives and decide together the format of our work together to reach those goals : the number sessions, their length and frequency. Generally, 3-4 coaching sessions of 2h ahead of your big day.


Objectives my clients have reached:

  • “Present myself, my career path and my vision for the future to the VP jury.”
    Result: she got the promotion
  • “Share my passion and vision for my organisation and convince the board to hire me as the Assistant Director of Operations.”
    Result: he got the job
  • “Preparing the French executive team to present their 3 year strategic Country Plan to the global directors.”
    Result: they got the big picture and approved the budget
  • “Pitch my business to a diverse audience of 500 people including potential investors.”
    Result: 4 investors approached him in the 15 minutes following his pitch
  • “Tell a story to create an emotional connection with my strategic audience on the topic of diversity and inclusion.”
    Result: 3 Business unit directors wanted to know how they could participate.

What my clients say

“Thank you Elizabeth, you helped me realize that I have everything I need to feel confident in front of my audience! Your positivity and very personalized feedback you gave me meant that I could improve while holding on to my own personal touch.”

Clémentine -Entrepreneur

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Leadership coaching sessions take place in my Paris office or by Skype

Public speaking coaching and team coaching sessions happen onsite in your offices in Paris or across Europe.

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