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You’re making a leadership leap: stepping into a new role, facing repeated issues as a leader or manager ordealing with an unexpected turn of events inside your organization. You want to inspire and influence the people around you to reach ambitious goals.

Individual coaching is a process to:

  • Find your feet in a new role and affirm your leadership posture
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Discover and experiment a fresh expression of your leadership
  • Navigate change more comfortably
  • Gain insight and clarity by stepping back to get perspective on yourself, your situation, your strategy.

What to expect

In our first 20-minute phone conversation, we’ll discuss what’s at stake for you and the outcome you’re looking for.

In our initial face-to-face meeting, we will define your objectives and decide together the format of our work together to reach those goals : the number sessions, their length and frequency. Generally, coaching sessions are 90 minutes long, every 2-3 weeks over a period of 4-6 months.

Objectives my clients have reached:


  • “Affirm my leadership in my new role and communicate confidently with my boss, peers and clients.”
  • “Develop a more connected and attuned leadership style to facilitate the integration of a new business following an acquisition.”
  • “Practice a more participative leadership style and accompany my executive team to create a strategic plan together.”
  • “Stay balanced during the on-boarding phase of my new job.”
  • “Find more meaning and motivation in my management position.”



  • Unique: I accept you as a singular and irreplaceable person. Your leadership style is unique to you. Who you are and your experience are at the heart of our work.
  • Whole: I welcome you as a whole person and not only a professional. Our work together can create bridges between different parts of your life and integrate your diverse strengths and qualities.
  • Automonous: Your objectives belong to you, only you can reach them. My objective: mobiliser all of my resources, tools and skills to help you reach your objectives.
  • Our work is confidential and supported by my sessions of supervision. I belong to the EMCC Professional Coaching Federation and respect their code of deontology that you can read here.

What my clients say

“I went through this phase in my personal and professional development with confidence. Elizabeth’s support and accompaniment played a determinant role in my success.”

Emmanuel – Directeur 

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Leadership coaching sessions take place in my Paris office or by Skype

Public speaking coaching and team coaching sessions happen onsite in your offices in Paris or across Europe.

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