Design Thinking


Your organisation needs to listen to itself. 

More brains are better than one. You want to bring a strategic group together to make an important decision or resolve a transversal problem collectively.

You want this collaboration to inspire engagement. You need a facilitator to make it a success.

Real conversations

You know how essential effective communication is when your executive team is making bold decisions on strategic and complex questions. And when the whole organisation is concerned, including diverse voices can offer vital insight into blindspots and encourage buy-in on the final solution. I facilitate groups to have the conversations that really matter so that your decisions help the whole organisation move forward.

What to expect

In our initial conversation, we’ll discuss what’s at stake for your organisation and the outcome you’re working towards.

After we’ve agreed on the results that you’re looking to create and the limitations to respect, I’ll present you a preliminary structure and design that we will refine together. My methodology is broad and includes collective intelligence processes as well as creative sequences that help generate fresh ideas.

Depending on the number of people participating in the conversation / seminar/ event/ retreat, I’ll work with coaches from my network to assure that your teams will be able to work efficiently towards the desired results.

Objectives that my clients have reached include:

  • Engage the 170 members of the Headquarters of the French division to generate solutions to major market challenges. Their solution: a 4h  workshop generating 8 final actionable ideas on their hot topics.
  • Develop our organisation’s most promising talent and leaders during a 3-day gathering in London. Their solution: individual coaching and dynamic team experiences to gain insight on key soft skills and business challenges. 
  • Adopt clearer communication practices to reduce conflict so that our executive committee can achieve more. Their solution: team coaching on effective meeting process and effective emotional management.

What my clients say

“Elizabeth designed and facilitated a very large workshop for the 170 collaborators at our French headquarters. I wanted the session to build bridges between the people from the legacy business and the newcomers from recently acquired business. The energy in the room was palpable: people were finally having real conversations.”

Sophie – DRH

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