“Influence begins with empathy. ”

Elizabeth Echlin

What I bring to our work

I created Lead & Speak because I observed many high-achieving professionals striving to increase their impact. Like you, they wanted to inspire the people around them and create more engagement. To get there, they felt they needed to develop new ways of expressing their leadership so that their teams could give their best.

When we work together I bring you three valuable assets to reach your goals:

Human Touch : Accompanying people is my métier. As a trained psychotherapist and certified coach, I have spent over 20 000 hours guiding people to their unique strengths. I can help you develop the authentic and effective leadership style that belongs only to you. Catalysing creativity in groups of 3 to 300 people makes me an expert in harnessing group dynamics for constructive collaboration.


Business acumen : Coaching and consulting leaders, teams and managers to communicate with impact since 2012 has brought me an acute awareness of what’s at stake inside businesses in a broad range of sectors: luxury, finance, entertainment, industry, services and retail. I’ve worked with government agencies and non-profits too. I’ll understand what’s important in your situation: both on the surface and behind the scenes.


West Coast-Old World perspective: because I’m a California native living in Paris for over 15 years, you get the freshness of the West Coast worldview with the  realistic understanding of the French and European context. I can help you see your big picture clearly to gain strategic insight. Thinking outside the box can give you and your teams a competitive advantage in a world where change is the only constant.


My Credentials

I am a member of EMCC, the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. I respect their rigorous code of deontology which you can read here. I’ve received the following certifications : Coaching Clinique, Institut Français de Gestion; Process Communication Coaching, KCF International; Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, SP Institute Boulder Colorado.  


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Leadership coaching sessions take place in my Paris office or by Skype

Public speaking coaching and team coaching sessions happen onsite in your offices in Paris or across Europe.

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