Feeling confident in front of high stakes audiences

” Elizabeth put me in the best conditions possible from a mental and technical points of view.”

CFO from a SBF120 listed company

Elizabeth helped me prepare 3 presentations in 2016, 2017 and 2019. In 2016 and 2017, as a Chief Financial Planning Officer, I was preparing important presentations at a Strategic Meeting in front of 100 people from the Top Management. In 2019, as a CFO, the presentation was delivered to our 2019 Investor Day in front of 200 analysts, investors and shareholders, including also a Q&A session.

2016 was a good outcome but there were still improvement opportunities which Elizabeth helped me turn into a highly successful presentation in 2017 that had a strong impact on the audience and on the business evolution in the following years. 2019 was a complete success.

In all instances, Elizabeth put me in the best conditions possible from a mental and technical points of view. Not only she helped me improve the flow, logic and impact of the presentation itself from a strategic viewpoint, but also, helped me make tangible progress in the way to deliver the content from an oral point of view after 3 or 4 sessions of 1h30 to 2h30 each. Thanks to a high empathy level together with impressive analytical skills and a clear ability to set the standards to the right level when setting objectives, she managed to help me go through a very quick learning curve. Even without being an expert of the financial topics, she very quickly grabbed the key elements that mattered. That helped her to get to an helicopter view and to have a relevant interaction with me on the issues at stake from the beginning so that the presentation was articulated and focused in the right way. Then, from an oral delivery point of view, she quickly identified the improvement opportunities to capture audience attention from beginning to end (voice energy, modulations ups and downs, smile, pauses, rhythm, body language, ..). She then progressively put me out of my comfort zone, always in a positive manner, so that in the end, my confidence level had been completely turned around, for the better.