Get the keys to captivate and convince when it matters most

“I help you expand your influence and impact, so that you can reach the results that bring you real satisfaction.”

Get the keys to captivate and convince when it matters most

“I help you expand your influence and impact so that you can reach the results that bring your real satisfaction.”

What’s at stake

Lead & Speak: Leadership Coaching in English and French, in Paris. 

You’re facing new challenges. You want your vision to inspire your teams, clients and stakeholders to move forward together. You want your leadership to trigger more collaboration and effectiveness in your teams.

It’s time to amplify your expertise.  I help you reveal new dimensions of your leadership and communicate with impact so that you can bring out the best in yourself and the best in those around you.

Get the keys to captivate, convince and connect when it matters most.

Lead & Speak founder

You know what you want to accomplish. But you can’t do it alone. Your success is a collective success. Working with over 500 professionals has convinced me that your impact can skyrocket when you communicate and relate with others more effectively. That’s why I focus on empowering leaders, talents and teams with the essential human skills that enhance individual and collective performance with Leadership Coaching in English and French, in Paris. 

Elizabeth Echlin


What my clients say

“A profound realignment between my values and the daily implementation of my professional missions began thanks to the coaching with Elizabeth. The impact on the enjoyment of my work and on my management style is very concrete.”

Nicolas – Director


Coaching & Facilitation



You need to make a leadership leap.

You want to boost your impact. You're in a new role or managing change in your organisation. You want to share your vision and spark engagement in your teams. You are looking for a more authentic and effective style of leadership.



You have a high stakes audience . 

You up for promotion, you're speaking to an important audience, you're pitching your project or business. Your message and vision must be crystal-clear. You want to create an emotional connection with your audience.



Your team can communicate better.

You know that with fluid communication your team can create more value. Understanding each other's communications styles is essential. You want each member of your team to develop more self-awareness and the whole team to reach a new level of performance.



Your organisation needs to listen to itself. 

More brains are better than one. You want to bring a strategic group together to make an important decision or resolve a transversal problem collectively. You want this collaboration to inspire engagement. You need a facilitator to make it a success.

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Leadership coaching sessions take place in my Paris office or by Skype

Public speaking coaching and team coaching sessions happen onsite in your offices in Paris or across Europe.

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